Definition: fascia massage

The criteria are:

1. the massage technique must have the objective to treat the collagenous connective tissue (fascia) in a targeted way, and should be performed manually therapeutic (with the hands).
2. The massage technique must cause the shifting of tissue layers in the superficialis plane (superficial: cutis, subcutis, fascia superficialis) and profunda plane (deep: hypodermis underneath, fascia profunda - epimysium, perimysium, endomysium -) and stretch the connective tissue fibres (Retinaculum cutis superficialis und profunda-) them.
3. The massage intensity should be able to trigger the creep effect on the epimysium (outer muscle fascia shell).
4. The massage technique should respond (stimulate) to fascial mechanoreceptors (e.g. Golgi receptors, Ruffini corpuscles, Pacini corpuscles, interstitial nerve endings) as well as to myofibroblasts and thereby positively influence the general fascia tone (state of tension).


Made by Akkinson® Author: Phuangphayom Yodprang

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Fascia massage
Definition fascia massage. Made by Akkinson® Author Mrs. Phuangphayom Yodprang
Criteria for fascia massage.
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