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Welcome to the web presentation of the

Akkinson® Institute (Since 2011).

The successful introduction of the Akkinson® Vario massage technique and the constantly growing demand for effective, sustainable* and holistic fascial massage, confirms the institute in its entire innovative profession. Our loyal customers, who have been with us for many years, also participate in our success, visiting us in our practices every day and presenting us with new challenges. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the trust placed in us.


Mechanoreceptors and interstitial free nerve endings and their specific effects on fascial tone (stress state) are essential treatment criteria in Akkinson® fascial massage. She direct influence on the central nervous system (vegetative nervous system) has long been underestimated by medical research. Today, they are the focus of fascia research.


The fascia regulation system shows the complex relationships between the body fascia system and other factors involved.

What happens under my skin?
What happens under my skin?

What happens under my skin?

Fancy a scientific voyage of discovery?

Akkinson® fascial massage
Akkinson® fascial massage

1. Akkinson® Vario massage technique

In advance:

The Akkinson® Vario massage technique aims, depending on the intensity, at the

  • fascia superficiales: superficial body fascia, or
  • fascia profund: muscle fascia and septa in the depth (myofascia).

  • The use of the creep effect (deformation = creep effect) requires the highest intensity of the massage technique.
  • Intensity grading: Relax, sport and fascia variant.
  • The higher the treatment intensity, the more time is required for a treatment zone.

The Akkinson® Vario massage technique causes the shifting of tissue layers among each other and dissolves hardening in the fascial tissue, which are caused by fibrin or crosslinks, among other things.

  • Fibrinogen is a precursor to fibrin (coagulation factor). A local accumulation of fibrinogen in the tissue, e.g. caused by a lack of contraction and stretching stimuli, triggers a biochemical reaction in the organism and converts fibrinogen into fibrin. The organism assumes that a local accumulation of fibrinogen indicates an open wound which must be quickly adhered before viruses or bacteria can penetrate the wound. Instead, the converted fibrin sticks fibres or tissue together.
  • Crosslinks
    During the development of local Myo-Crosslinks (Myo = muscle) there is a loss of basic substance in the extracellular matrix, ECM. As a result, the contractile elements approach from the muscle, and start to stick together. Water-soluble crosslinks can also be found in the fascia, e.g. ligaments. They consist mainly of hydrogen bonds. The increment form of water-soluble crosslinks are water-insoluble. This form can be found, for example, in active or latent myogelosis in the muscle fibres. They are difficult to treat. Both types of bonding and felting in the fascial tissue are caused by a lack of contraction and stretching stimuli. Causes: Immobilisation (lack of movement), age, circulatory disorder and muscular atrophy. Other factors are: acidic environment (< pH value) in the tissue, insufficient fluid exchange in the tissue, slag and environmental toxins stored in the tissue, poor supply of nutrients by the organism and many more

The massage technique stimulates the circulation of fluid in the treated tissue.


By shifting the tissue layers among themselves, receptors (mechanoreceptors) are stimulated. Stimulation improves blood circulation in the treated tissue. The basic substance is increased in the extracellular matrix (ECM) by extravasation and fluidity is improved. The rate of renewal of the basic substance is increased.


Fibroblasts, in the extracellular matrix (ECM), are stimulated to produce healthy collagen. Collagen is the structural protein from which fascia is knitted.


Regenerative processes are initiated. These include, for example, special enzymes that activate the trace element copper. They play a major role in the cross-linking of collagen and elastin compounds and promote the removal of old connective tissue.

-->> Activate healthy processes


Further fascial reactions (fascial plasticities) can be explained in the interaction between the "piezo effect" and the Akkinson® Vario massage technique, which specifically stimulates the father Pacini bodies and myofibroblasts locally.


The fascial tone gradually switches to relaxation mode.


The fluid storage capacity of the fascia is positively influenced by the massage technique and locally rejuvenates the tissue.


Furthermore, massage technology removes slag (metabolic waste products) from the tissue, which are transported away via the lymphatic system and blood vessels. A local de-toxic effect occurs!


The Akkinson® fascial massage has a neurophysiological effect*!


A lasting effect occurs from the 2nd or 3rd treatment. Further information can be found in the >> treatment concept. >> treatment concept.


No other manual therapeutic massage technique has a deeper and more effective effect on treated fascia and receptors than the Akkinson® fascia massage!

Akkinson® fascia oil
Akkinson® fascia oil

Fascia® oil

Especially for the Akkinson® fascia massage a fascia oil was developed. The fascia oil supports the treatment to loosen matted, glued and hardened fascia and builds up a fascia protection around the dissolved and loose fascia. The care substances in fascia oil prevent the loose fascia to loosen matted and glued again.

Protection against overexertion

Not only the clients benefit from fascia protection. Akkinson® Fascia Oil supports the practitioners in their manual therapies and protects them from overstraining and premature occupational diseases: Joints, fascial tissue (connective tissue, vision, ligaments) and muscles.

Akkinson® is unique in fascia combination treatment and has been "leading the therapy" since 2011!

Re&Ki method
Re&Ki method

Re&Ki method to Akkinson®

2. Reiki in Fascia Therapy

The Re&Ki method according to Akkinson® is a receptive fascia therapy, which is specially designed for mechanoreceptors: Ruffini bodies and Golgi vision organs. Fascial gelose (solidification that can be felt under the influence of anaesthesia) can thus be treated effectively. Immediate plastic deformation of the fascia, also known as thixotropy in technical jargon, liquefies the treated tissue.


Stress floor hormones protect life and activate the sympathetic nervous system. Adrenaline and norepinephrine are the best-known stress hormones. Persistent stress hormones can be murderous and, among other things, cause high tensions in the fascial tissue. High blood pressure, sleep disturbances, down-regulation of the immune system and digestive tract, imbalance and much more, are added to it. The Re&Ki method stimulates the Ruffini bodies (receptors) and the associated parasympathetic nervous system, the opponent of the sympathetic nervous system. The reduction of stress hormones and the promotion of healthy biochemical processes (self-healing powers) is the objective.


The receptive fascia therapy made it necessary to introduce new Reiki treatment techniques.


Currently, the Re&Ki method is offered as a supplement to the Akkinson® Fascial Massage in the Akkinson® practice in Eltville. Further information on  >> "Reiki in Fascial Therapy"

Current scientific findings from fascia research round off the Akkinson® Fascia treatment concept.

Fascia anatomy

Fascia superficiales
Fascia superficiales
Fascia profunda
Fascia profunda
 Muscle fascia
Muscle fascia
 Muscle fascia
Muscle fascia

Fascial structures in the human body

Legende: lat. Myo = Muskel; lat. Fascia = Faszie; lat. Gelose = Erstarrung/Verhärtung; Faszial = alle Bindegewebsartigen Collagenfasern = FaszienStrukturen; Code: ICD10-M79.1 (WHO Klassifizierungssystem) = Myofasziales Schmerzsyndrom; lat. Myofaszie = Muskelfaszien.

Neurophysiological effect

The Akkinson® Vario massage technique (fascia variant) has a neurophysiological effect. This means: Starting from matted, glued or hardened fascia, which clamp and constrict nerve fibres and receptors (sensors from the body) as well as blood vessels, the Akkinson® Vario massage technique has a loosening and relieving effect. The supply of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood plasma, tissue fluid, is improved in the tissue structures. The natural voltage regulation corrects malpositions and/or incorrect postures caused by tension problems on its own. Provided that there are no pathological findings that impair the natural neurophysiological effect of the massage technique.

The Akkinson® philosophy "Keep warm, give warmth" rounds off the treatment concept according to Akkinson®.

A promise of cure is not the subject of Akkinson® treatments or our own products. The treatments and products do not replace a visit to the doctor in the event of illness.

Guide: If you don't change anything, nothing changes.
NO fascia therapy in the world will be able to provide lasting relief if there are no permanent changes in the daily routines that trigger the health problems.